5 de septiembre de 2006

Tell me

I'm not asking for you to tell me now but tell me that maybe sometime you will be able to tell me that you dont want to be away from me not even for a second of your life.Tell me that now you dont want to picture a life without us being togehter,that for you it is not the same thing if we are together or not.That you dream about me the way I do about you but most importantly that youfeel about me the way I feel about you.That sometimes you feel that breathtaking feeling when you are near of methat when you hold me you just dont want to let me go.Tell me that you love me more than you've ever love somebody, more than you will love anyone else.Tell me you just dont want to meet anyone else, you dont want to love someone elseTell me that you miss me when i am not around and you are just wating to see methat you can not explain how you feel when i am not around.Just tell this things, know this things, know that even if you dont feel any of them I do, and I dont ask for you to feel them now, but that I've got my fingerscrossed for you to feel them. I'm not asking for you to feel them now, but I dont want you to think that I dontfeel them anymore don't think that im skeptical about our love.